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About Us

Founded in 1973. Confucian company has build reputation in Taiwan for 40 years. As long as Our business kept thriving with Taiwanese economy, our service also diversified widely, but we always kept our service-oriented, reputation and quality first spirit.
Our team always operated smoothly, providing the best product and service.
As defense and traffic technology are changing rapidly, we are also working on fully digitalized, and established new branches like Engineering and Intelligence Technology. We also have branch office in middle and southern Taiwan. Now we are a modern technology company with all-around service.
About Us


Confucian was established in 1973 to specialize in technology products for government law enforcement equipment. Its sales targets are military and police-based private enterprises as supplementary. Our aim is to serve customers, solve any problems of customers, and be the best bridge between customers and foreign suppliers to achieve the goal of win-win-win.