Confucian devoted in providing system development, installation and integration service of information software of government, public safety and military. We also provide the programming, R&D and maintenance service for government:
Information R&D:
  1. Integration of new intelligence technology.
Virtual application tool kit/product
Cloud application
  1. Internet application access
  2. Integration of intel equipment or development components.
Large server host and storage device
Internet exchanger
Library management system
  1. Intelligence system development tool
  2. Other applications
Digital/analog camera
Car license identification system
Other equipment able to cope with traffic law enforcing equipment

R&D and technical support
  1. LE system development
  2. LE system customization support
  3. LE synchro capability R&D
  4. Intel system integration assess(including software & hardware)
  5. System maintenance
  6. Project execution

Product/Project sell
  1. Initial integration plan
  2. Traffic LE equipment and relative products
  3. Project related equipment renovation and additional purchase
  4. Project Product application and spec introduction