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    The transportation technology department specializes in the sale of traffic law enforcement equipment
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    Digital non-coil red light speed measuring camera equipment
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    Digital radar speed camera system
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    LaserCam 4

    Hand-held digital video radar equipment
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    Prolaser 4

    Quickly detect targets
    Detection range: 10 to 8,000 feet
    Weight: only 2.5 pounds
    Touchable user interface
    High-contrast OLED image display screen
    The head-up display (HUD) can display speed and distance
    Rugged and durable grip design
    Only needs 4 x AA batteries
    Storage capacity: about 1000 pens
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    RBT4 _1_.png


    Memory: can store more than 7000 test records

    Option of multiple languages, at least Chinese and English operational display and print out feature are available

    Choice for single or multiple pages print out

    Can connect to pc for testing result and data download

    Can do remote connection to pc in order to proceed with troubleshooting

    Power supply: set of four AA batteries

    Print out can be customized to your local language

    Print-out in Chinese language: for incomplete tests due to subject refusal, the print out will include "refusal" with time for subject to sign

    Complete package includes: ALCO-SENSOR VXL, printer, charger, adapter, carry case, carry bag, mouthpiece (500), paper roll(12) and Chinese operation manual
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    Easy-to-operate user interface in Chinese

    The display is integrated with the host and printer

    The printable memory content includes: serial number, case number, date, time, rejected test, record test result, automatic test mode or manual test mode, record of all calibration values, and record of all check values

    The order of all case numbers should be consecutive, and there is no difference due to the different test modes, so as to facilitate the statistics of law enforcement records

    Including night auxiliary light source device

    The printer can trace any complete test record within the qualified period at the work site
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    4497 1.jpg

    Traffic Guard Worker Alert System

    Government’s law enforcement equipment, used for ensuring the safety of law enforcement personnel.
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    LED shoulder light (for police, night construction)

    Waterproof level: IP66
    Two styles of magnetic and shoulder clip
    Rechargeable lithium battery
    With multiple flashing modes
    By flashing lights, remotely remind the driver
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    Low-Profile Wheel Load Scale
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    Flashlight for cars

    Double lamp holder
    Wireless and wired remote control operation
    Waterproof and can withstand strong winds
    Pneumatic extension lifting system
    Aluminum lifting rod with the surface anodized treatment
    Button operation
    Light swing angle: about 330° for each side